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Pellet Activated Carbon

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HANYAN columnar activated carbon is made of selected grade raw material with high CTC, which is suitable for various air purification and gas phase applications. H2S removal, industrial waste gas purification, solvent recovery, odor control, etc.

Main Products Types

pellet activated carbon

Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon

coconut shell pellet activated carbon

Coconut Shell Pellet Activated Carbon

wood pellet activated carbon

Wood Based Pellet Activated Carbon

Customized Products & Services

Application & Solutions

Water Treatment

Supply of coal pellet activated carbon for wastewater and drinking water treatment

Gas Treatment

Provide 4mm coal columnar activated carbon of different quality levels

Solvent Recovery

We provide various kinds of pelletized activated carbon for solvent recovery

Car and Mask Filter

Provides 0.9, 1.5, 2mm activated carbon for car carbin and mask filter

Packaging and Shipping

activated carbon 25kg
jumbo bag activated carbon

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