HANYAN Activated Carbon

HANYAN manufactures a full range of standard, acid washed, water washed and impregnated activated carbon in granular, powder, and extruded pellet forms, made from diverse raw materials including coconut shell, coal, and wood.

coal granular activated carbon

Granular activated carbon

Providing high quality, various sizes and customized coconut shell and coal granulated active carbon. Suitable for different kinds of liquid phase adsorption and vapor phase treatment. Also used in water purification, gold recovery, food and beverage filtration, etc.
powder activated carbon

Powder activated carbon

Supplying cost-effective wood and coal powdered activated carbon. It’s used in water treatment, food & beverage, sugar, oil industries, and is also commonly used in waste incineration, power plants, capacitor industry, etc.
pellet activated carbon

Pellet activated carbon

HANYAN columnar activated carbon is made of selected qualified anthracite coal with high CTC, which is suitable for various air purification and gas phase applications. Applied in H2S removal, industrial waste gas purification, solvent recovery, odor control, etc.

Honeycomb activated carbon

Top 1 Chinese honeycomb activated carbon manufacturer. HANYAN two-step activation honeycomb activated carbon is a new popular kind of activated carbon, which widely used in various VOCs purification systems with low concentration and large air volume.
coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon

We provide coconut shell activated carbon with high quality, high hardness and competitive price. The coconut shell activated carbon are used for water treatment, gold recovery, air purification, etc.

powder activated carbon

Wood activated carbon

Wood-based activated carbon is a versatile product that can be used for decolorization, purification, deodorization and adsorption of organic compounds in liquid.

pellet activated carbon

Coal activated carbon

Supplying diverse kinds of coal activated carbon and provide customized types of coal-based activated carbon for liquid phase filtration, gas phase treatment and speacial gas adsorption.

hanyan activated carbon headquarters

*Headquarters of HANYAN Activated Carbon in Guangzhou


Trusted Name in Activated Carbon Production

Guangdong Hanyan Activated Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., known as “HANYAN”, is a leading high-tech company in China focused on R&D, production, and sales of premium activated carbon. Recognized as a top enterprise in Guangdong’s activated carbon industry, HANYAN collaborates with South China University of Technology and holds over 178 patents, including 72 invention patents. Committed to global standards and environmental protection, HANYAN’s advanced manufacturing techniques have positioned it at the forefront in China, partnering with over 100 listed and state-owned enterprises.

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